IMG_8638Hello!  Glad you are here.

My name is Marie. Originally Ukrainian I am now living in Bulgaria. I’ve started this blog after 9 years of travels with the idea of keeping photos and memories in one place as I don’t want them to fade away.

I love traveling to faraway places of our planet, airplanes and trains, music festivals, wine, cheese, cocktails, skiing, driving, dancing, my friends, my family and my pets. But this blog is mostly about my travel experiences.

By this time I’ve been to 36 countries, road-tripped Central America from Honduras to Costa Rica, spent winter months in Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines, got away for shorts breaks through Europe and now, having low-cost flights at hand, going to try every Europe destination from the city I currently live in – Sofia.

For the last 7 years I’ve been engaged in corporate travel management in global IT and digital advertising companies and will be glad to share industry info and my personal investigations here as well.

If you want to chitchat just drop me a message.